Re: 40m Net

John - KK4ITX


I was able to copy the following but not able to get N/C's attention due to my inabilities, and CW Net savvy.  I'll get the hang of it one day.

KV6Z         Bill        OK  (970 miles)
AB4QL      Barry     AL    (477 miles)
K3NLT       Russ     VA    (741 miles)
KB4QQJ    Randy   NC    (568 miles)
WG8Y        Mark     NC   (521 miles)

Noise is pretty bad here in Florida.  I was using a 17ft vert mounted on a Alpha Antenna match just 6-1/2ft above ground.  Rig is Yaesu FT-450D throttled down to 5w.

Enjoyed the challenge.


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