bayou jumper no tx


Not sure if this is the right place to post this but, I recently finished up the Bayou Jumper kit although the receiver is working great I cannot get the transmitter to generate RF no matter what I do. I have been doing this stuff for over 50 years now and am very surprised a circuit with what maybe a dozen parts is kicking my butt.  I have checked and replaced the osc and final transistors, tried no less than 6 different 40 meter crystals verified part values both installed and actual. Voltages measured are what is specified maybre just a tad higher as my power supply runs closer to 13.8vdc, but I have tried 12vdc as well.  Verified switch is working right and correct paths are being switched but still the oscillator will not sing. Years ago I build an elecraft k2 and was having a problem with communication to the ssb module I did find a microscopic ground across traces on the board causing it. I guess now my next path time permitting is to trace back the board a bit and see.  If anyone has a magic wand please feel free to use it.
Ken W8OB

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