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Hi Wayne,
Well, the procedure is to send your call when the NCS (Net Control Station) asks for check-ins with "QNI ? k".
The NCS will then take a list of calling stations that he hears, ask them to "PSE AS" (please wait) to signify that and then ask for more QNIs.
If you weren't heard the first time, try again.
That means you are on the list and will be called in order.
If the NCS doesn't hear you, someone else may have and should offer to relay your information when the NCS asks for relays with "Any QSK?  k".
I'm sorry I didn't hear you last night and there was no relay offered.
Your code speed is not an issue. I slow down and speed up to try to match the code speed of the current QNI station.
I'm just as happy at 5 wpm as I am at 20 wpm - I don't care as long as I get the calling station in the log.
A few thoughts:
1. Sucessful QSOs depend on a great number of variables.
    I can't explain why I could easily copy one MO station and couldn't hear another MO station at all.
2. I never heard WB4IEA and W2TAW in QSO. I also have a pixie and know it transmits lower in frequency than what the xtal is
    marked. I had to add about 20pf to one leg of the 7122 xtals to bring the transmitter up to 7123 to get on the Sunrise Net.
   Are you sure you are on frequency? (Just because you can hear a station doesn't mean you will transmit on their listening frequency.)
   400 mw isn't a lot of power but if you're on the Net frequency (usually 7122kHz) hopefully someone will hear you.
3. If you give up you will never QNI the net.  Keep trying.  I'll listen again for you next week.
And to everyone - if you hear a station that I can't hear, step up and relay when "Any QSK?  k" is requested. Thank you.

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I tried to make myself be known. I am new to nets on CW. Can someone tell me the procedure?  I gave my call several times. I'm only comfortable at 12 wpm.  I did hear WA0ITP, N4DR, WA9PWP.  Then I heard WB4IEA talking to W2TAW. 

I was on my Pixie (400 milliwatts) then tried my Bayou Jumper.

Wayne N9EGT

On 4/25/2018 22:38 PM, dekle wrote:
Big pileup tonight.

I was getting nice strong signals all the way from Maryland, New Jersey, the 4S neighborhood, and points in between.
QNIs were:

N4DR            Marc        MD
WA9PWP      Paul         WI
K3ESE          Lloyd       MD
WA0ITP        Terry        IA
AC0BQ         Johnny     KS
KD0WF        Jim           MO
W2SH          Chas        NJ
AB4QL         Barry       AL
AA0B            Roy         MO   (thanks to Barry for the QSP)
KV6Z            Bill           OK    (NCS)

Let's do it again next week.



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