Re: BJ build - TX Xtal doesn't swing

Duane Brayton

You are definitely not alone on no crystal osc. I found after many hours of work, that the bias of the oscillator of
is very important.  It needs to be at least 3.00 volts. Check my report in the database. 
Good luck & 72
Duane Brayton KE0IUV

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On May 1, 2018, at 6:53 PM, Jeff Fein <jeffrey_travers@...> wrote:
I am sure some of us like me just assumed we blew it and replaced it on our own.  They are not expensive and in my case I could get them much faster locally.
Cheers Jeff

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Hi Dave -no it's not your brain...
and I did it my way... not like Franky but take a look at the fotos I add...
I also think we are not alone with this expereance of none oscillating Q4 and we wonder why none is asking...
... cheers to you all guys - Ray

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