Re: 4SQRP 80 METER net

Charles W. Powell

I was tuning around for the net and I heard some NTS stations passing traffic.  Could just make them out with the KX3.  I switched to the new toy, the ELAD FDM-DUO and it was amazing.  Noise was still S9 but the stations just popped out above the QRN.  Paul was well above the noise, especially after I adjusted the AGC threshold.  I thought the KX3 was amazing but WOW!  I did not, however, hear anyone aside from Paul.


Chas - NK8O

On May 2, 2018, at 8:41 PM, Paul Smith <n0nbd@...> wrote:

well guys the storm got the the best of the net tonight.
I copied Bill KV6Z
and Chas NK8O
The noise here was S9 PLUS
The thunderboomers are just west of here now. tnx to those that I may may have missed de Paul N0NBD

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