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Paul Smith

I LOVE ur answer Bill, This could be describing me as well hi hi thanks for ur work de Paul N0NBD

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Hi Russ,
I was glad to get the 339.
(Actually, I think the RST system could be abandoned without much consequence.)
Between the T-storm QRN and the nasty QSB, the net was a real challenge last night.
I'm way too "old school" to use "the internet group of SDR receivers". (Actually, I'm not really sure what that is or how it works.)
My station consists of a KX3 connected to a 20/40 fan dipole with 80m loading coils and 6-ft. wire pigtails hanging down from the ends of the 40m wire. I never use any of the digital modes and only once connected a microphone just to verify that the SSB function worked on the radio.
My idea of radio is this:
Someone touches 2 wires together and makes something oscillate. Someone else hears the oscillations and then touches his (or her) 2 wires together to try to communicate with the first guy. And every time that happens it's pure magic that still astounds me. I never had the urge to complicate it beyond that. I've had just as much fun with my Cricket as I have had with the KX3 (maybe more). My only strategy to overcome poor conditions is to change bands or wait until conditions improve. The biggest kick I get out of ham radio is when I recognize someone's call sign and can remember their name.
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Bill, Good morning,

I feel I may need to defend my signal report to you last night. 339 was my best average of your signals. At times you were 599 for very brief periods, and would then fade out completely. With enough repeats of your words I think I could say you were 100% copy. The radio here, by the way, is my new QCX-40 running 4.1 watts measured out put with my calibrated Bird wattmeter, and in an upcoming article to be published in the "K9YA Telegraph" is my comparison of the QCX receiver to my Elecraft K-2. They are both impressive,but the K-2 won out when the preamp is turned on. The K-2 is my main go to raio for QRP CW activity. I am also impressed with how well you seem to copy us all, or are you using the internet group of SDR receivers? Really quite a new shift in how some of my friends are augmenting their noise and inadequate antenna situations.

Thanks for being such a good NCS,  Russ  K3NLT

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The storm QRN was just awful, but managed to get:

WA9PWP     Paul     WI
N4DR          Marc     MD
K3NLT         Russ     VA
KV6Z           Bill        OK (NCS)

Heard no one close in.

Another station was trying but I just couldn't pick them out of the noise.
Thanks and 73



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