Re: QRP newbie question.

Ruth A Mumaw

Hello Doc,
It has been my experience that everyone is listening for someone calling CQ. When we do that, it seems the band is dead. Try calling around the popular QRP frequency like 7.030 and/or 7.040 KHz. You just might wake up the band. I too listen there, but if I let it be known that I'm on, I usually get a response.
Give a call, you never know who may come back to you.
Russ.  K3NLT  in VA.

On May 7, 2018, at 10:19 AM, Wayne Dillon <wayne.dillon@...> wrote:

Hi Doc,
This is going to sound like a very unhelpful answer but, the way the bands are at the moment, I would venture to say that any band that's open is the band to use. 
However that said I'll pass you on to our NJ ops and see what they have to say. In my personal experience I would start on 20m then go to 30m as 30 exhibits some of the traits of 20 and 40 depending on time of day as well as prevailing band condx. Sorry I can't be any more specific than that. Someone else with more experience than I of daytime operating in the NE will no doubt give you a much better pointer.
Wayne - NQ0RP

On Mon, May 7, 2018 at 9:13 AM, Dr Jim Kennedy via Groups.Io <phdad_ccm@...> wrote:
I live in Northern NJ AND usually get time to qrp when waiting for my grandsons to get home from school. Usually from 1 PM EDST TO 3PM EDST.

I do not find 40, 20, or 30 meters very active during this time.

Can you QRP experienced guys tell me what bands might be better during these times, and in general what times are best for the hf and vhf bands using QRP in the NE USA?

72/73, K2PHD - DOC

God Bless from Wayne Dillon - NQ0RP

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