Re: QRP newbie question.

V Zecchinelli <n1vin@...>

Hey Doc,

I live in NW VT and have a QRP Labs U3S set up as a WSPR beacon.  I usually get 200+ spots a day from anywhere in US to western Europe and Australia.  When I travel to NJ for work (North Branch area) I take my beacon with me and run it 24 hours a day.  I'm lucky if I get 30 spots a day.  Maybe altitude difference between VT and NJ, buildings around hotel, I don't know.

73 de Vince N1VIN

On 5/7/2018 10:13 AM, Dr Jim Kennedy via Groups.Io wrote:
I live in Northern NJ AND usually get time to qrp when waiting for my grandsons to get home from school. Usually from 1 PM EDST TO 3PM EDST.

I do not find 40, 20, or 30 meters very active during this time.

Can you QRP experienced guys tell me what bands might be better during these times, and in general what times are best for the hf and vhf bands using QRP in the NE USA?

72/73, K2PHD - DOC

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