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Paul Smith

Good work Walter de Paul

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Thanks Everyone for the compliments, but in my haste to get the QRP Banner published, I did not give credit to our Ozarkcon staff photographer, Darryl - KK5IB, who did an excellent job of covering all the events and happenings at this 2018 Ozarkcon. 

As you attendees noticed, this year's Ocon was pretty busy and do not be surprised if the 2019 version of Ocon gets a bit bigger. Ed - WG5F and myself have already acquired another donating sponsor to the Prize Drawings for next year. This sponsor is very well known for excellent products. Plus there are already guest speakers and more added event sessions in the making. As new speaker and building sessions get firmed up, the moderators of our Group reflector have provided a hashtag for Ozarkcon and everyone gets the news at the same time.


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GE All, the QRP Banner newsletter for April is loaded with "Memories of OzarkCon 2018.


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