Re: Tuning a 10 meter dipole for 6 meters

Frank Artieta

Hello :) 
If all else fails :(
What I would is do is buy a couple of really good Mueller Automotive Test clips !
They sell many different models ! Their are some that are copper with stainless steel springs !
They are not very expensive !
Subtract enough wire from your 10 meter dipole so you can work 6 meters !
Cut it to where you want to work in the 6 meter band !
Then !
Add some wire with the clips on the end !
And again make the length where you were with your original 10 mtr antenna !
Just lower your antenna down and clip the clips and you have your 10 meter antenna back !
I never tried working 6 meters !
None of my hf gear goes there !
My antennas I use are fed with balanced lines to a balanced coupler !
This method of adding wire is how I work 80 meters !
I just lower it down and hook up the clamps !

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