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Thank you Dave
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Good information on the Hilltopper kit.

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To follow up on this 'dangling' thread....

Larry sent the unit to me for troubleshoot/repair.  . Here's the timeline-

Thursday, June 7:   Received unit, troubleshot. Ordered part I didn't have on hand.
Sunday, June 10:   Received part, installed. Retest OK.
Monday, June 11:  Functional test OK. Power out 5.3W.  Performed Freq CAL and BFO adjustment. SHIPPED.

Here's the message:  If you're 'on the fence' about purchasing a Hilltopper over concerns about support..... it's available!    Several customers and 4SQRP members have offered troubleshooting advice, and I do the same in this forum.   If that's not sufficient to resolve an issue, I can provide timely troubleshooting/repair service.  For that matter, other experienced builders are welcome to do the same as they see fit.

73- Dave, K1SWL

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