Re: Freq. mite and MFJ-9040

Dave Benson


Wayne's correct about not needing any jumpers. :-)

Try taking a signal off the junction of R41 ('VFO DRV) and Q1.  It's a buffered sample of the local oscillator signal from U1.

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I have the 9020,30 and 40 and had never thought of putting the Freq-Mite in them. Cool idea! All of mine have pencil marks for the appx spots for watering holes. MFJ has the manuals for a free download. I was reading and see the VFO is 4.85 to 5 Mhz I could not dope out where to sample the frequency tho... maybe someone else will chime in good luck de Paul N0NBD

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Subject: [4SQRP] Freq. mite and MFJ-9040
Looking for answers. ... freqMite is installed and working... but don’t know where to sample RF on the board and what is correct offset pin jumper settings. Now all jumpers on as per manual I hear only 0000. Any one have this rig / combo?? Any help greatly appreciated, thanks es 72/73


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