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GM Dave and all in the group. I took a couple days off to extend the 4th holiday and used some of the time to build the Hilltopper kit. I followed the manual verbatim, doing each section in sequence. I was rewarded with a radio that worked the first time it was powered up. The only hitch and it was a small one was that my kit only had approximately 12 inches of #24 magnet wire, while 22 inches minimum is required. For me this was no big deal as I keep rolls of magnet wire in various sizes on hand for homebrew projects. The rig puts out 5.4 watts with a 13 volt power supply. Not bad. The frequency calibration and BFO set up went fine. I put the rig on the air yesterday operating portable from my back yard. I had several nice contacts including one DX contact. I used the Hilltopper with a Four States tuner feeding a 20 meter ENFW vertical supported on a Sota Beams 30 ft. travel  mast. I also connected my Hipermite audio filter to test and make sure it would play nice with the Hilltopper. All in all I must say I’m impressed with the quality of the kit. It is very well designed, and the parts are of good quality and fit. The manual is very well written, and does point out possible glitches that a new builder may encounter. Again I would like to thank Dave and all who helped make this a great kit and for making it available for the ham QRP community at a very reasonable price. Great job all. I will not be available for the next couple of weeks as I will be in the field working on medium voltage high power circuit breakers. These are the opposite of QRP, 350 MVA @ 5kv 3 phase power. I will have my QRP portable go bag with me if I get some free time to operate at the hotel. 72’s for now W3BNO.



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It shouldn't matter- consider them interchangeable.


73- Dave, K1SWL


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C6 and C13 both require a 1m eletrolytic cap. The two that came in my kit are 50v and 100v and the spec
doesn't say which to use where, so can someone tell me which one goes to C6 and C13?

Many Thanks...



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