Re: Hilltopper

matthew cook

Why not run 3 cell litium ion batteries for rc planes and such. They run  10 to 12 volts and can be and anywhere from 50 to 5000mah and 1100mah 3 cells run 9 to 10 bucks at hobby King? Cargers are computer controlled and can be bought for $40 or so ..

On Sat, Jul 7, 2018 at 15:52, Leland L. Bahr
<w5drc@...> wrote:

What is the maximum voltage you can safely put into the Hilltopper?
(When using 18650 cells the voltage gets a little high when you hook
four of these cells together unless you put silicon dropping diodes in
series with the output.)  I'd like to figure out how many .7 volt
dropping diodes to use with a four pack of 18650 cells.  (Manual
suggests 10-14 volts operating voltage.  )

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