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use a 7812 voltage regulator, and you can go up quite a bit on voltages . ..

Chances are, you may not even need a heat sink on the regulator either. . .
I don't remember the draw in current, but. . .it may be worth checking out.


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Subject: [4SQRP] QRP Rig Battery Power Packs
Date: Sunday, July 8, 2018, 3:00 PM

Still need to know the maximum
voltage that can be applied to a
Hilltopper.  (I think I will heat sink the 5
volt regulator or use a
bigger one.)

I am going to make up battery
packs using four 18650 batteries for my
rigs.  How many diodes I will place in series with the
pack's output
will be determined by the
rig used.  I have decided to have the option
of charging these packs using solar power
besides from house mains. 
That presents a
problem on how to solar charge them. I have decided to
try the following using cheap Chinese models
found on Ebay.

I am going
to feed my 18 volt no load 15 watt solar panels to four
LM2596S bucking modules to provide 5 volts DC
to each charging module. 
Then I am going
to feed the 5 volts to four TP-4056 Lithium ion charge
modules.  These will then be hooked to
individual 18650 battery
Consequently I'll then be able to charge each cell
individually and not worry about balance nor
over charging the cells.
(These modules are

Reading some of the
feedback from some of the purchasers of these cheap
modules, you can find some bad ones.  I have
ordered more of them then I
need so if
there are a few bad ones I'll have spares to fill in as

It appears my only
draw back to all this is I'll have to remove the
cells from the user battery pack when I want to
charge the cells. (If I
wear out the
individual battery holders I'll replace them with new 30

cent holders!)
w0vt. w5drc

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