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I'm going to miss Sam.
He really liked QRP and he liked QRPp even more.
Here's an old post from Sam:



Mr Kennely & Mr Heaviside's layer likes me!!! About an hour prior to the net I worked Wayne KC0PMH with me running 500 mW output from the MFJ-9040 as measured on one of two factory wired/calibrated WM-2 QRP Watt-meters. Very good signals.

After that QSO, I worked Bill KV6Z in Claremore, OK, starting out at 500 mW, and slowly lowering the power in steps down to 200 mW, 100 mW, 50 mW, 20 mW & 10 Milliwatts. He was an honest 599 plus running 5 Watts and he copied my QRPp signals down to 20 mW where the copy was still good. At 10 mW, copy was " ruff ". This was one of my best ever " how low can you go " nights on 40 meters.

No chirps with the lower Voltages although the frequency varied slightly was the Voltage was lowered on the MFJ-9040. Today I dusted off ( literally! ) my one tube crystal controlled 40 meter transmitter ( The 'Lil Giant from 1970's/1980's QST with a 6T9 Compactron tube  It was later in the ARRL Handbook also). It runs  4 Watts output and it is now hooked up and on the desk ready for QSOs with crystals in the 7100 range at 7101, 7104, 7106, 7117, 7120 & 7122 ( with a "band edge orphan" on 7125 also ).

When Wayne started the net, conditions had changed and I had to up the power to 1 Watt to check in to the 4SQRP Net. If anyone wants to try  some more QRPp QSOs on 40 during daylight/early evening hours, drop me an e-mail. I have one of those jobs with a 7 day week-end.


Sam Neal  N5AF


Thanks for the fun Sam,



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It is with great sorrow that I report Sam Neal, N5AF, became a Silent Key yesterday after a lengthy illness.  Sam was a long time member and supporter of the 4SQRP group and could be found frequently on 7122 for a QSO or the nets. His QRP rigs or 7W QRO from the AC-1 was always S9 here in South Louisiana.

Sam was an active VEC for many years helping literally thousands obtain their amateur radio licenses. He was a fine gentleman and he will be missed.

73 and Rest in Peace, my old friend.

73 John K5JS


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