Re: measuring polivaricons

Paul Smith

An LCR meter from ebay for 12 dollars including a clear enclosure. I have been measuring known caps and it seems to work correctly

de Paul N0NBD

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what meter is all the shouting about ?

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 Measure to the
 center, from either side... that gives both sections values.
 Those two values may then be figured to be in parallel or
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 Subject: [4SQRP] measuring polivaricons
 A few weeks ago I
 ordered a 12 dollar LCR meter from China., It arrived today.
 It even came with a clear pexiglass  case that snaps and
 bolts together like the 4sqrp enclosures. Cool!  I have to
 put on some pants and
  shoes and go buy a 9 V battery. What terminals on the
 polivaricons are measured for capacitance?    I have 250
 policaps that I think are the correct ones but would like to
 measure them and the smaller ones that came in here.
 What say you de
 Paul N0NBD
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