Re: Kit building

Frank Artieta

Hello :)

Good work soldering modern electronics , works best using quality tools and solder !

I use a HAKKO FX-88D Digital Soldering Station !
The Tip is a 1.6mm HAKT18D16P T18-D16
Stay away from lead free solder !!!!!!!
I do not know what lead free solder is really good for but can guarantee it is not the stuff to use on small thru hole components !!!!!!!!!

The solder I use is KESTER Rosin Core .60mm / 0.25" My Favorite
The part numbers are ! SM63PB37   #66/285

I am sure 0.30 " would work great also !

Certainly there are other good brands of soldering equipment but I love my  HAKKO FX-88D 

And do not use lead free solder or acid core solder ! EVER !!!!!
I recommend you try to find some good YouTube videos that you trust and watch them !

The truth can be expensive !
But this the truth !

I hope this helps !
73 de kd5ald

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