Re: Elecraft at OzarkCon



Hey, looking forward to seeing you. Seems like a long time since you have been to any of the 4Sqrp functions. I remember well that you sent a note to Elecraft and they sent me a Elecraft tee because I was using my K1 to demo the KD1JV swr/pwr meter the group was selling as a kit. Also remember you showing up down at Twin Bridges with a newly built K2. Not sure if that was FD or just a qrp weekend get together. I think it was that same get together that you put a quick fix on my little 30 meter monobander!

Anyway, It will be good to see you at Ocon. I will have my K2 using it for K0N special events station and the "in hotel" dummy load test!!

cu es 72, Bart

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