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John T. Fitzer

Jim I just bought a model BM4070 off ebay (NEW) for $26.95 which includes free shipping. It arrived in about 5 business days. I checked it out and it seems to be reasonably accurate on low value  (pf) caps. I haven’t used it for checking inductors yet, but I assume it would be ok. It even comes with a zippered cloth case for storage. Appears to be a great buy. I’m an old guy with bad eyes and those small caps are hard to read. I used my MFJ 259B to check a couple of questionable caps while building the Hill Topper and decided then that I needed a better way. That’s when I found and bought the BM4070. I think this will make kit building MUCH more pleasant. Hope this helps 72’s W3BNO p.s. the batteries are included


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some one was bragging abt a cheap lcr meter .are they still on the group ? lost the page 
jim kc0dd

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