Re: Antenna analyzer/SWR meter

Frank Artieta

Hello Rob :)
Do not dispair !
I am sure there is help available 
Most all of us were in your shoes at one time 
I agree with John
Tell more about your equipment 
What type antenna did you build or have you not built one yet 
Why do you say stupid antenna ??
I have never owned a store bought antenna for HF use
But I think you can buy a factory built antenna cheaper than you can buy the parts to build one 
I figure there is a ham radio club somewhere in your area 
I agree with John more info is needed !

On Tue, Aug 7, 2018 at 1:04 PM, John T. Fitzer <John.fitzer@...> wrote:

Well the answer to your question depends,

1.      What type of antenna are you making?

2.      What is the intended frequency of operation?

3.      Is it to be fed with 50 ohm coax?

4.      Is it a full size radiator or a shortened version employing loading of some sort?

Pleas provide some specifics and maybe I can help


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Subject: [4SQRP] Antenna analyzer/SWR meter


What do you all suggest for a new ham to do, to check out the SWR on an antenna he just built?  I really don’t have many Elmer’s around me to ask.  I probably should make the stupid antenna and take  to the ham fest where I am taking my general exam and see if someone has one.



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