Re: Antenna analyzer/SWR meter

Rob Roberts

I didn’t rely to the group. I replied to John instead. I’m not getting in a hurry. I am planning on joining a group, however in my line of work. I work 70 hrs a week and my weekends fall during the week, not many people are off when I am. My radio that I purchased is a Yaesu FT-450d. I’m taking my General test on Saturday lord willing and the creek don’t rise I hope to ready to get on the air when I get home. Thanks for all your replies.

I am debating on a OCF dipole or a Carolina Windom. It will be fed with RG-8x (50 ohm I believe). I’m not sure about the radiation or if it’s shortened. I’m a fairly new ham.

I need to start trucking, I’ll reply when I stop.



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