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Paul Goemans

I can highly recommend the Carolina Windom 80 by Radioworks. A well built antenna, mine has been up over 20 years. My Icom transceiver's internal autotuner will match it fine on all bands, so your Yaesu FT450D should do the same.
May you pass your General test with flying colors!

Paul Goemans WA9PWP
Stoughton, WI

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I didn’t rely to the group. I replied to John instead. I’m not getting in a hurry. I am planning on joining a group, however in my line of work. I work 70 hrs a week and my weekends fall during the week, not many people are off when I am. My radio that I purchased is a Yaesu FT-450d. I’m taking my General test on Saturday lord willing and the creek don’t rise I hope to ready to get on the air when I get home. Thanks for all your replies.

I am debating on a OCF dipole or a Carolina Windom. It will be fed with RG-8x (50 ohm I believe). I’m not sure about the radiation or if it’s shortened. I’m a fairly new ham.

I need to start trucking, I’ll reply when I stop.



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