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RigExpert analyzers are sold here in the USA by DXengineering .

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On Aug 7, 2018, at 17:28, Bob Nelson via Groups.Io <rln37@...> wrote:

The "antenna analyzer" I prefer is the Rig Expert AA-54.
I bought one of these some years ago, and would not be
without it.  It's a hand-held unit that shows you a plot of
VSWR vs frequency all across the band of interest.  VERY
spiffy, and VERY useful for antenna tuning.
I bought my AA-54 a few years ago.  Rig Expert has probably
added more models to their line by now, and I would
recommend anyone interested in antennas to check them
out.  Rig Expert is located in Kiev, Ukraine, but I think they
have a USA sales office as well.  Highly recommended.

73 - Bob, K6KL

On Tuesday, August 7, 2018, 1:28:37 PM CDT, Nate Bargmann <n0nb@...> wrote:

* On 2018 07 Aug 13:02 -0500, Rob Roberts via Groups.Io wrote:
> What do you all suggest for a new ham to do, to check out the SWR on
> an antenna he just built?  I really don’t have many Elmer’s around me
> to ask.  I probably should make the stupid antenna and take  to the
> ham fest where I am taking my general exam and see if someone has one.

First thing is that for HF, one can only gain a realistic test where it
is to be permanently mounted.  Surrounding objects that are close in
terms of wavelength will have an effect on it.  Likewise, at the hamfest
the objects surrounding the antenna will be entirely different and
tuning it there will likely be incorrect to some degree when you get it
back home.

There are a lot of analyzers on the market.  The current cool thing is a
Vector Network Analyzer, VNA.  Some VNAs are stand-alone and some
analyzers have a VNA built in.  I'm a bit biased as the Rig Expert
AA-230ZOOM is the finest analyzer I've used.  To be fair, I have only
used the classic MFJ analyzers before buying it.  When I worked for a
railroad, I had the opportunity to compare the AA-230 to a Bird analyzer
we had and to an Anritsu model.  The AA-230 was right there with each of
those units.

The Rig Expert units are not the cheapest thing on the market.  However,
they do have lower cost models that only go up to 30 MHz and so on.

I would recommend the ZOOM models just for the lovely color screen.

Just the other day I used mine to do a simple check on some simple
Unadilla antenna traps.
72, Nate


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