Re: Antenna analyzer/SWR meter

Bob Nelson

Buy yourself an AA-54 from RigExpert, or some newer
model if there is one.  You will quickly see how useful it
is for almost antenna situations.  I swear by mine, and I've
been doing antenna work (both amateur and professional)
for more than 60 years.
73 - Bob, K6KL

On Tuesday, August 7, 2018, 12:57:51 PM CDT, Rob Roberts via Groups.Io <kd0wkv@...> wrote:

What do you all suggest for a new ham to do, to check out the SWR on an antenna he just built?  I really don’t have many Elmer’s around me to ask.  I probably should make the stupid antenna and take  to the ham fest where I am taking my general exam and see if someone has one.



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