Re: Antenna analyzer/SWR meter

Frank Artieta

Hello :) 
I am very happy things are working out in respect being able to check the swr on the antenna !
To be quite honest !
I find that to be asked the question !
How do I check the SWR on a antenna , I just built ?

Is to me quite a difficult and I think impossible question !

When I install a antenna !
I feel in effect I am really setting up a whole new station !
I have to get the antenna where I want it to be , before I could even do any SWR testing that might be of any value !
I mostly use a dip meter as a antenna creating tool !
A will quit what I am sure some will think as babbling here !
For what I know I am quite sure my antennas are in fact SWR making machines !
I am sure if I could measure SWR at different places along my feedline I would find very large amounts !
Especially since I run my antenna on every band from 80 to 10 meters
I am sure SWR does not bother me nearly as much or in the same way as most !
What does matter is coupling my antenna to my rig !

I am not a fan of Auto Tuners !
We should be tuner tuners and not tuner uppers !

On Tue, Aug 7, 2018 at 3:15 PM, J.K. Wright <wrightjk@...> wrote:
Also have an FT-450d. It has a built in swr meter and an absolutely amazing built in antenna tuner with great range.  Unless you plan on experimenting a lot with antennas, you don't need an swr/per meter anytime soon. Never had one for my first 45 yrs of hamming. Read your FT450D manual carefully. The rig can do a lot and is a great entry level rig.
Jerry, NK2C

On Tue, Aug 7, 2018, 3:42 PM Rob Roberts via Groups.Io <> wrote:
I didn’t rely to the group. I replied to John instead.  I’m not getting in a hurry.  I am planning on joining a group, however in my line of work. I work 70 hrs a week and my weekends fall during the week, not many people are off when I am.  My radio that I purchased is a Yaesu FT-450d. I’m taking my General test on Saturday lord willing and the creek don’t rise I hope to ready to get on the air when I get home. Thanks for all your replies.

I am debating on a OCF dipole or a Carolina Windom.  It will be fed with RG-8x (50 ohm I believe).  I’m not sure about the radiation or if it’s shortened. I’m a fairly new ham.

I need to start trucking, I’ll reply when I stop.



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