Johnny AC0BQ

Hey Terry
FB on the outing !
I could hear the stations working u, but I couldn't hear you. I had gud luck  at home, qsb was deep but the events sure were fun!
Randy it was good to work you as always.

72 tnx

On Saturday, April 27, 2013, WA0ITP wrote:

I was only out for a little over 2 hrs, clouds blocked out the sun and it got
pretty cool for an old guy. Good first outing for the portable equipment tho.

The bands werent vy good, weak signals and noisy. I tried 40M but spent most of
the time on 20, and all the contacts were on 20M. Made 25 contacts including
7 SOTA contacts. I heard W2M but couldnt work it, but I did get W5O, and had a
mini pile up going around noon, 5 or 6 stations.

There were many horse folks in the park today, some with mules, man they are
noisy. There were lots of riders on the trails, and it was neat listening to
the animals. Several hikers came by to see what was up and wanted to know how
far away I had made contact. I was using a powered speaker and one lady wanted
to know what was wrong with my radio :o)

Lotsa fun. That picnic table in the primitive camping area is like an old
friend, and is a great place to play radio.

My log isn't anywhere near competitive, but I'll make up a page for the portable
ops page. Thanx to all who listened for me, I hope we made contact. If not
maybe next time.

I love this radio stuff !

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