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Everett Catlin

Hi Lee
Thanks for the e-mail. Sorry to hear about the health problems. I am 69 over weight and have a few problems. Still kickin. If you you visit my QRZ page you will see the Bayou Jumper In all of its glory. It must have been a fascinating and dangerous time for the OSS. I have worked 22 states with it on a fan dipole that is only 22 feet high. sorry I have to make this short but wife needs me. Be happy to talk to you again at length about BJ.

everett n5mzx

On Monday, August 20, 2018, 3:29:38 PM UTC, Leland Lannoye <wa9aoe@...> wrote:

Dear Everett:

I wish I had known about this radio when some friends and I became fascinated with Churchill's Spies of Netflix fame.  I have decided to set up a Cricket 30 to duplicate the B2 radio.  Sorry about your health issues.  I have been cleaning up after medical disasters since 1972.  My first wife was a multiple cerebral hemorrhage patient (seven all together).  My current spouse has  and is a year out of endometrial cancer.

Would love th get some additional input from you.


On 08/20/18 10:31, Everett Catlin via Groups.Io wrote:
I was sorry to see the retirement of the Bayou Jumper. Of all the kits I have ever built since 1964 this one was the most fun. I want to thank Jim (N5IB), Dave (NM0S) and Larry Hastings for designing and kitting a fine radio. I want to thank all the individuals who took time to Elmer those who were having problems or just shared ideas with others. Thanks to the Club for making high quality kits available to us. On my QRZ page I list my Bayou Jumper as my primary rig and my IC-718 as my back up. I don't operate much due to health problems but will make an effort to do more operating with the BJ. Hope to see you on the air.



Agent 038

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