Re: Hello :) I would like to scratch build some of my gear ! And Have questions !

Mike D

You are probably a one day shipping point from Mouser in DFW, so parts should not be an issue.

PCBs can be made rathet cheaply with services like OSHpark in chicago, and nice cnc pcb machines are incredibly cheap these days.  A new bantam machine is only $2k.  Not much of an investment compared to test equipment.


On Tue, Aug 21, 2018, 11:16 AM Frank Artieta <73tuudefrank@...> wrote:
I do not know if this is the proper  place for such questions !
If not I hope to be informed and I will search elsewhere !
I buy kits
 The reasons being 
Everything is in one place
Someone has gone to effort rounding everything up !
Some kits have very high quality engineering !
Wonderful pc boards !
Likely a much better value buying a kit than doing from scratch for even many more reasons !
But I think
If a fella had a bill of materials
A knowledge of , The where and what , to obtain the components !
If this is a good place for such questions !
I will have more to follow !
If not a good place I would appreciate knowing so I can seek my fortunes elsewhere :)
73 de Frank kd5ald 

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