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John T. Fitzer

I went to the web site to get some info on the 2019 Ozarkcon and find the registration for 2018 is up but not the registration for 2019. I am planning on attending in 2019 and am wondering when registration will open and what are the costs involved. Also, what about the hotel, when should I make reservations so that I am assured of room availability?


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Thanks Chas 

Bert and I are planning on attending.

We’re working out the details of the logistics!


Johnny AC0BQ 


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I sent a notice to Larry of Larry’s list.  It should be posted shortly.



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Hello Chas

According to Tom Sevart these dates are correct.

Ron has posted the date on the web crawler.

We are trying to find a spot to include it on the activities page.


If you would like to post on Larry’s list,

It would be great.



Hope to see you there.


Johnny AC0BQ 


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I thought I had seen an announcement and a topic for this event but I'm not finding it.  So here it is.

Dates: September 7-9, 2018

Events: Nothing in particular.  Eyeball QSOs, sharing the latest toys with the other folks, delicious ribs if we are so blessed again this year, and generally a good time.  Some camping by camper, RV, or tent, is available if you are so inclined.

Also, does anyone want to post this event on Larry's List?  I can do this if no one else is motivated to do it.


Chas - NK8O




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