I decided to try the Ozark Highlands Trail, which intersects HWY 7 about 40 miles north of Russellville.

It wouldn't stop raining and there was no shelter, so I was confined to the truck.
I'm not made of sugar, but my KX3 is and I wasn't going to get it wet.

After the lightning seemed to have moved on, I fired up a line and pulled up my 33 foot EFHW.  I figured all the fireworks would make 40M unusable, so I didn't try the 66 footer.  Pulled the coax into the truck and was on the air.

I just stayed a bit over two hours.  Made 30 QSOs.  It was good to be able to go after the FQP stations and SOTA stations in addition to the TTF guys.

Here's the Ozark Highlands Trail, for you hikers:


Nick, WA5BDU

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