FOR SALE: 20M QRPVer 1v3

Bryan Nehl

QRPVer 1v3 20M SSB/CW/Digital ultra-portable 2.5W rig.  
I’ve built the dongles for connecting head phones, Morse key, and sound card PC interface.  
Power Poles have been added to DC power cable.  Microphone is also included.  
I have successfully made CW, PSK31 and FT8 contacts with this rig.  I've verified mic operation by listening on another receiver.
This rig is LNIB.  I just haven't bonded with it.  

New purchase price is with the mic, the sound card cable, international shipping and paypal fee is $271.44.  
The factory price doesn't include the TRRS->phones adapter, or the TRRS->CW key adapter.
It does however include a one month wait. ;-P

I'm asking $250 ($258 for PayPal merchandise) and I'll send it USPS Priority mail to your PayPal or callbook address.

You can find information about the rig here: or shoot me questions.

72 de Bryan, k0emt

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