Re: Hello :) I have questions and am in need of the opinion from someone with more knowledge !

Mike D

Metal film resistors will work, but the stability is highly dependent on what frequency you are putting into it.  I would rather use something like this: 20watt RF resistor  that is cheap and good for up to 3GHz.  If you're going to invest the time, spend $7 and do it right.  The capacitor value and type are not critical a ceramic or tantalum would work fine.  

On Sat, Sep 1, 2018 at 6:21 PM KD5ALD <73deKD5ALD@...> wrote:
I am new to electronics to say the least !
Any monkey even me can assemble a kit :)
What I want to do is build a QRP DUMMY LOAD !
This is what I have been looking at

There is also a youtube video here !
My questions are ?????
Is it ok to use METAL FILM RESISTORS ???
Next question is it  :)
Is it perfectly okay if I use a ceramic disc capacitor ???
I have a bunch of : 0.01 uF Ceramic Capacitors 
Mine are round disk shaped blue and marked 103
Neither on the video or in the literature
The capacitor used looks like mine though the values are the same !
I think what is being used is a monolithic capacitor ??

What I think is
that what I have will work
But not sure if metal foil resistors are inductive !
Also not absolutely positively sure the capacitors are compatible !
I just think !
Any comments will be appreciated !
TNX :) 73

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