2M ht

David Lininger

After more than 20 years, my faithful Icom 2M ht is showing signs of
wanting to give up. While I could spend money on a new antenna, new
battery, etc. I'm thinking that maybe that money ought to go toward a
more modern radio.

It looks like the newer radios generally offer at least two bands, not
to mention all sorts of other bells and whistles. Also, the Chinese
brands seem to be a LOT cheaper than the Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu models.
How much of that is name recognition and how much is engineering?

I'm not going to go out and buy a new radio tomorrow, but probably
within the next few months I'll buy something. What do you like and why?

Thanks for the advice.

David Lininger, kb0zke
Rev. 2:10

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