Re: ferric chloride or peroxide and muriatic acid


It's been awhile, but after being concerned about storing a gallon of pool acid, ended up just buying a bottle of Ferric Chloride and using that with a hot plate.  Takes longer and not as exciting as the pool acid/peroxide but got the job done.  I also understand it lasts a very long time in storage.  Also, had the layout laser copied onto slick paper at the office store since didn't own a laser copier.  Used my old laminating machine.

Given I only made a few boards, and haven't made any in about a year, am glad didn't buy a laser printer or a gallon of acid.  My bottle of Ferric Chloride is about 3/4 full and still have a stack of PCB laminate.

I think if you plan to make a lot of  circuit boards or are an active experimenter, follow Rob's instructions in links he provides.

Just my 2 cents.

Curt KB5JO

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