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It would seem to me you either like the magazine and subscribe, or you do not like the magazine and you do not subscribe

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On Mon, 9/3/18, Nate Bargmann <> wrote:

Subject: Re: [4SQRP] CQ Magazine
Date: Monday, September 3, 2018, 6:38 PM

* On 2018 03 Sep 16:26 -0500, davemrtn wrote:
> If late delivery of printed issues
continues to be a thing, I will most
likely not resubscribe.
> I am holding a subscription renewal and
trying to decide if I want to
> renew,
firstly because of the cost and secondly because of
> deliveries.

Time was when it seemed the
issues would arrive almost six weeks before
the issue month.

In the '80s I was a subscriber to Ham Radio
when CQ bought it out.
Supposedly I was to
be compensated by a like number of issues of CQ.  I
never received a one.

I was a lifetime subscriber to WorldRadio when
CQ bought it.  Well, they
were so kind as
to supposedly extend my existing CQ subscription by
three years.  I never put a pencil to it, but
I don't think it quite
worked out as
they claimed.  They made WR a free downloadable PDF
was fine as it was in color and so
on.  After a couple of years they put
behind a digital pay wall (Zinio?).  Since I had no
assurance that I
could receive the product I
paid for while using Linux, I did not
subscribe.  WR ceased to exist soon after.  A
shame, really.

> I hate
not to support CQ Magazine with a subscription, but the 2
> mentioned items are weighing
heavily on my decision.

agree to a point, but they've taken me around the block
a couple of
times.  Forgive me if I
can't muster much sympathy.  Besides, the rag
lost a lot when Dave Ingram became a silent
key, though not their fault
as Dave was
simply irreplaceable.  I don't think CQ ever really
recovered from that blow, hence another reason
I'm not enthused about
sending them
money these days.

> As
far as electronic/digital issues, I absolutely will not
subscribe to
> any 'digital'
magazine that publishes in any format other than

100%.  The use of Zinio strikes me as a publisher believing
of their customers are crooks.  I could
accept a personalized
watermarked PDF but
will not accept Zinio.

72/73, Nate, N0NB


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