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Date: Monday, September 3, 2018, 6:47 PM

have been writing my Kit Building column for CQ Magazine
monthly for the past 9 years.  To be honest, I don't
know why there has been a persistent lateness in the
delivery of the print edition of the magazine.  Whatever
the reason, they do not share that information with those of
us who write for CQ.  Nor am I responsible for the CQ
contests, and any of their attendant controversies.  (yes,
I do hear about both at hamfests!)  The digital version
available through Zinio continues to be made available at
the first of the month.  I, too, get my print copy as late
as anybody else and get the digital version on Zinio always
on time.  For those wanting the digital version, I have
found the best solution is to view it on a PC or on an
iPad.  My iPad displays it clearly and quickly and lets me
zoom in to see more detail in the photos than is available
in the print edition.  I can keep many issues stored on my
tablet and can go back and read them while traveling, etc. 
The digital edition is less expensive than print, and with
many print magazines going away, the digital medium is one
we hams can embrace, since we are a technically minded
community.  Yes, by all means, contact the magazine
offices.  But, please do not blame those of us who have
worked diligently to produce what is still a very popular
and vital product for the amateur radio community.  Over
the years, I have reviewed and supported ALL of the Four
State kits in my column as well as mentioning Ozarkcon
several times, and the kitters can attest to this.  At
least try the digital version and see how it works for
you.  The newer Zinio software lets you either view it just
as it appears in print, or view text only in an easy to read
font.  In the text mode, it displays the text big enough to
easily read on my smartphone and still displays the photos
in a way they can be enlarged as well.  I won't debate
the relative value between QST and CQ.  Both publications
have their strengths and weaknesses.  But having the choice
of two major publications is healthy for amateur radio and
must continue.  I am a life member of ARRL and also write
for the ARRL Handbook.  We need to support both
publications through our membership in ARRL and our
subscription to CQ as well as other specialty publications
for amateur radio.  ARRL is also grappling with the high
cost of publishing magazines and books in print form.  It
is the same with every publisher.   Look at how popular
Kindles are.  We thought SSB was just a fad, and that AM
would continue to be the dominant mode for HF phone.  We
thought digital was just a niche mode and now FT8, a mode
designed for QRP, has pretty much dominated HF
communications and helped boost activity on 6M and other
bands we assumed were dead.  We as QRP operators and kit
builders should be open to at least trying digital magazine
delivery and embrace the new technology.  Finally, as I
have said years ago, I am not Dave Ingram.  I was as upset
as many other hams when I heard of the sudden passing of
W4TWJ a few years ago.  I don't have his talents in
circuit design but I share his enthusiasm for Amateur
radio.  He was indeed a big part of CQ.  I will do my best
to keep my columns interesting and educational and keep kit
building as well as QRP alive.  After all, that is what the
Four State QRP Group is all about.73 de
K0NEBJoe EisenbergKit Building Editor,
CQ Magazine

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Is CQ Magazine faltering ?
This last Friday, 08/31/18, I
received the August issue.
How many other people are
receiving LATE delivery of the magazine ?
Has anyone received the September
issue ??

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- Mountain Home, Ar.

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