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David B Rogers

Everything John said. I get the digital edition of CQ, read it on an iPad and very much enjoy it. It arrives on schedule every month. I am also a 45+ year ARRL member WHO JUST RENEWED FOR ANOTHER THREE YEARS.  The nice thing about digital is that they do not pile up in a corner of the Shack. HI!

David, WA7ZYQ

 C’est la vie, c’est la guerre,  vive la salade de pommes de terre.

On Sep 3, 2018, at 12:54 PM, John Wasciuk <jwasciuk@...> wrote:

Hello, 4SQRP Group! (and QRP-L)
I get the digital edition of CQ. Just got the September issue on Saturday, September 1st. 

I am not complaining at all. Why do I see so many people complaining about CQ? Don't let its demise become a self-fulfilling prophesy!!!! What century are you in? Don't you realize that ALL printed periodicals are in trouble? How many cities around the US no longer have a daily edition of the local paper? 
Guess What! We live in the Internet age! That is with all of its greatness and its awful ability to convince fools of anything!

Here's what I did: I use to subscribe to that monthly magazine that was where all of the technical articles in QST used to be published in when academics and engineers subscribed to QST. Well, I decided that for fifty bucks, I could get the digital issues of CQ and then get the ARRL CD of QEX (and all the other magazines) for the price I paid to have QEX delivered via snail-mail.
PLEASE NOTE: I am still an ARRL member and will always be an ARRL member.
I think the articles in CQ are a great addition to my ham radio reading. Get the digital edition that avoids the vagaries of the mail system and get the end-of-year ARRL CD for QEX. You can't go wrong!



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