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Mike Heitmann

We could make a project out of building your own DMR “Hotspot”.

Some joker was supposed to present that topic at OzarKCon last year and “skipped out” at the last minute.

72 de Mike, N0SO

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Hi Charles

So is this my computer talking to your computer with no ham radio used at all or where do I go to find out how this works...

You got a 80 yr old ham here...I don't know about this new stuff...Is this a 4State project or not?

73 de Bob KR9Z

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Update: Application is made and approval is pending.  If we get this, we will have to USE it.  They make the initial assignment for 60 days, and they monitor usage.  If it is used a reasonable amount, then the assignment is made permanent.  I'm sure we can manage that!  Then if someone wants to link to a repeater or group of repeaters, we can further expand our footprint.



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