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Greg Troxel

"Charles W. Powell via Groups.Io" <>

Is there a downside?  Yes, sort of.  The radios are proprietary, so
programming requires some planning and figuring out a "code plug" that
will do what you want it to do and go where you want it to go. It also
generally requires a computer and a cable for programming.  It is a
bit more complicated than just entering a frequency and PL tone.  It's
more that you have a target (Talk Group, or Individual), a "color
code" (roughly equivalent to a PL tone), a time slot, so your radio
knows which half of the conversation(s) it wants, and finally a
frequency that allows you to get where you are going.  I didn't think
it was going to be nearly as much fun though as I found it to be.
Besides the radio being proprietary, the protocol is not open, and hams
may not build their own equipment. The protocol other than voice
encoding is openly documented. But, the codec used, AMBE2, is both
patented and secret (although there are rumors it has been reverse
engineered). Technically the codec is not part of the DMR spec, but
there was an agreement among manufacturers to use it:

DSTAR is much the same, except that a proprietary codec is part of the

I am not aware of any published protocol specs for Yaesu's system.

Now, if we could use codec2 over DMR, that would be cool.

Someone mentioned brandmeister. As I understand it there are multiple
DMR networks that are partially but not entirely cooperating, and I
don't understand anything more than that. So I am guessing this
talkgroup would only be on brandmeister, and not on DMR-MARC?

73 de n1dam

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