Re: DMR information

David Lininger

I just bought a new HT. My son, kc0dad, has a Chinese one that has DMR
capability and had suggested that I look at it. He's had his for a
couple of years now but has never used the DMR. For that reason, and the
fact that those cheap Chinese radios are notorious for not being all
that good on being on frequency made me decide to spend twice the money
for a Yaesu FT65.

NOW you come out with all the chatter about DMR. Why couldn't you have
done so two weeks ago? <grin>

Question: If I understand DMR correctly, I have to be able to hit a DMR
repeater, just like normal. Where it differs, though, is that somehow my
call to kc0dad gets routed to a DMR repeater where he is, and he then
answers me. Is that the way it works?

Related question: Assuming that the previous paragraph is correct, how
does the DMR system know which repeater is send my call to? Does it go
to every one? Surely not. Or does it work kind of like a cell phone
tower, where my cell phone identifies itself to any and all towers that
are withing range. When a call comes in for my phone the cell network
figures out where my phone is and routes the call to the best tower for me.

Might be something for me to learn more about. (As if I don't have
enough other things I need to study - starting with that Extra book I
have at my elbow.)

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