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Paul Smith

Sounds GREAT Tim,

 I am reading with interest and SLOWLY learning a little tnx de Paul N0NBD

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Subject: Re: [4SQRP] DMR information
I am NOT a DMR expert by any means. Our club has a DMR repeater here in
Springfield, IL but we are waiting on a network connection to we can get
it linked up to the various networks.

One thing I do recommend is to read the specs carefully on any radio you
are considering buying. For proper operation a radio that is "Tier Two"
capable is required. Some radios are not or at least a year ago some
were not. (I do not know the details of what "Tier Two" gives you.)

I have a Tytera DM-380 UHF only radio. The audio quality on regular FM
or DMR simplex and through our local repeater is excellent.


PS -- If some of you do further work on a talk group for 4SQRP or QRP in
general we can setup a sub group here so we don't bore the main list
with all this DMR talk. Just let me know.

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