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Paul Smith

I will ride along either way to learn about this. I hooked up a mic last night and worked my son Les KE0SOL on 80 meters last night. He was my 2nd and 3rd SSB contact in 30 years hi hi. I am learning how to use a mic. Les will tell me what I need to buy .....I am not sure I will learn much about DMR as I have not found a key plug hi hi de Paul N0NBD

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I would agree Bert. In fact, once someone smarter than I can identify or create a talk group we can add the DNR Net information to the regular announcements.

Hopefully if that happens someone could write up a short guide on how to configure the radios with the proper settings to easily join.

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On Mon, Sep 17, 2018 at 9:55 PM Robert <e1dslr@...> wrote:
I have no issue with a sub group as a place to discuss the details of
DMR, but I feel that the concept of using  a DMR talk group dedicated to
4sqrp should remain on the main reflector, as it offers an excellent
opportunity for members to share ideas and thoughts, and to just keep in
touch with each other. The DMR talk group is not and end but a means to
improve communications between members, not unlike this email group. I
believe an excellent way to start would be with a DMR net at 21:00 on
Wednesday nights after the 80 meter net. There is a learning curve to
getting on the air with DMR but I have found it to be interesting and
fun, the operators are pleasant and helpful. I hope that many of our
members will see the value in this new technology, and try it.



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