Re: 40m Net


It was probably the best copy I’ve had on net control in 5 years or so of off and on listening/trying.  You came back to me but we couldn’t make it work.  Almost went QRO just to make the contact but you started fading ;)


On Sep 26, 2018, at 6:50 PM, dekle <dekle@...> wrote:

Well - tonight's conditions were rotten, crummy, and awful. (And that's being generous.)
Got one for sure - K3NLT - Russ in VA.
Think I got Chas - W2SH, but I wouldn't bet on it.
Missed another one - SRI.
Signals were very weak tonight plus I had to slide down to  7122.5 to avoid the quacking SSB ducks.
I hope conditions improve soon.


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