Hilltopper push button switches

Jim Pruitt

For those that purchased or received shipment of one or more Hilltopper kits this fall, there is a problem with the push button switch that was provided in each kit.  The kit calls for a normally open push button switch but a normally closed push button switch was provided by mistake.  We have rectified that problem in kits not mailed out yet.

Today I mailed replacement switches to those buyers in the continental USA.  You should receive those envelopes by the weekend.  The envelope will contain 1 push button switch if you bought one Hilltopper.  For those that bought more than one you will receive an envelope with 2 push button switches (so far no one has bought more than 2 Hilltoppers).  You will need to use the small #2 x 1/16" thick plastic spacers from the old switch on the new switch.

Please do not use the push button switch provided in the kits in the Hilltoppers if you have not already done so.  If you have already installed it then you will need to remove that switch and replace it with the switch that is coming in the mail.  The 2 switches (the one provided in the kit and the one being mailed to you) look identical so I would not recommend placing the 2 switches together or you will need to use an ohmmeter to determine which one is the normally open switch.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you.

Jim Pruitt

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