Re: ARRL Field Day 2019

Greg Troxel

"Gerry Edson" <wa0knw@...> writes:

I have long wanted to do qrp on Field Day, but no locals seem interested.
Jerry, WA0KNW
I'm not local, but my club ( does field day every year, the
past N years as 3A (cw/ssb/digital, plus vhf and gota). The last few
years have been with 100W stations, mostly operated via honda EU2000.

But, a few years ago (2012?), we operated at 5W only, on lead acid
batteries (starting full), with solar panels. All the rigs were K2, and
it was very quiet without the motors running. We still had all the
antennas, including 2-el wire beams on 40 and 20/15/10 pointing west (EMA).

Overall, the score obtained was similar QRP vs not, and we made about
half the contacts as QRP. For operators and guest operators who aren't
specifically into QRP, it seems more contacts is more fun.

So I would definitely encourage you to do this. Even two people can be
a fun time; I once ran a 1B station solo in the same place as somebody
else doing that - that's like a 2-person FD except we had separate

73 de n1dam

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