December and 2018 SSS results

John Lonigro

Well, the Second Sunday Sprint is finished for 2018.  There were 12 entries this month, which is pretty typical.  We can always use more participants though.  The winner for December was Bill, KV6Z, with 21 QSO points. Congratulations, Bill.  You will receive your certificate shortly.  John, K4BAI, came in 2nd with 20 QSO points. And Carl, WB0CFF, was third with 18 points.

We had one new participant this month, Dave, WD8KRV, who was able to make one member QSO from his QTH of Tucson, AZ.  Welcome, Dave.  I'm sure making member contacts from Arizona is no easy task. Congratulations and we hope you will be a regular in next year's SSS.

For the year, Carl, WB0CFF, finished with 230 QSO points and is the winner for 2018.  If Carl had gone on another fishing trip last weekend, he still would have won, but by a much smaller margin. Bill, KV6Z, came in second for the year, with 203 points.  And Chas, W2SH, came in third, with 187 points.  Congratulations to Carl, Bill, and Chas for a fine showing for 2018.  Your certificates will also show up shortly.

For the year, there were 36 people who entered the Second Sunday Sprint and succeeded in making at least 1 QSO.  Maybe more of us (myself included) need to make a New Year's resolution to participate in the 2019 Second Sunday Sprint.

Again, congratulations to Bill for winning the December contest and to Carl, Bill, and Chas for their fine showing in 2018.

72 until 2019,

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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