Dan Reynolds

For Sale: first run uBITX. Never powered up. Including lots and lots of extras: USB extension cable to have a socket on the outside of your case. 3D printed knobs - pot & encoder and LCD bezel (all in black filament), Sunhil's accy. kits - AGC kit, LED Meter kit, and audio mute kit. Also have the two K5BCU kits, plus including a 4SQRP HI-PER-MITE CW filter kit (none of the kits have been built. Also including a blue as well as the green LCD. Asking $125 - includes Priority Mail flat rate padded envelope - ONLY IN USA. Sorry. 
Please email me off line. I will not respond to the group. Oh, I still have the original plastic box it came in also. 

I never got around to building it and would like to sell the whole kit'n'caboodle to someone.
PayPal only (friends & family - or pay my fees).
Dan Reynolds -- KB9JLO

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