Unbuilt 4SQRP SS-RX, SS-TX and Magic Box kits for sale

Steve Ireland <vk6vz@...>

For sale is are three unbuilt 4-State QRP kits to build a high-performance 40m QRP CW station, with full-break-in and capable of up to 9W output.

The items are:

1. K8IQY SS-40 Stable and Sensitive 40M Receiver 
The SS-40 high performance receiver was designed by Jim Kortge, K8IQY. SS stands for "Stable and Sensitive". It has an extremely quiet amplifier chain and a matched crystal IF filter provides a steep-sided 500 Hz bandpass and outstanding opposite sideband rejection. A variable crystal oscillator provides 25-30 kHZ of smooth stable tuning. Further details at: http://www.4sqrp.com/SS40.php

2. K8IQY SS-40TX transmitter
This is a companion to the SS-40 receiver and produces up to 9 watts (can be set to 5W), using a hefty, cool running MOSFET as a final. All parts are through-hole lead parts. Further details at: http://www.4sqrp.com/ss40tx.php

3. K8IQY Magic Box TR Switching System
The Magic Box is a solid-state, all-electronic, transmit/receive switching system that allows a separate receiver and transmitter to transceive with full (or semi) QSK. An Atmel Microcontroller handles the timing for five functions- transmitter keying, transmitter antenna switching, receiver antenna switching, receiver audio switching, plus a side tone oscillator. For further details, see http://www.4sqrp.com/MagicBox.php 


The three kits were bought as a package from Kanga UK and are being sold as a package. Sorry I realise the Magic Box is highly sought-after, but will not separate. 


US$90 for the three kits, plus postage. Payment can be made by PayPal. Please email me in the first instance.


Vy 73


Steve, VK6VZ


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