Re: Need several little red 4S box kits (discontinued)

Jim Sheldon

Well, it appears that nobody has any little red boxes they aren't going to use. How about the smaller "little blue box" kits? I just measured them and I could use 3 of these instead if anyone has 2 or 3 of the blue ones they aren't going to use, and are willing to sell please let me know - just reply to sender rather than to the group to keep group clutter to a minimum.


Jim - W0EB

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From: "Jim Sheldon" <@W0EB>
Sent: 12/15/2018 5:19:50 PM
Subject: [4SQRP] Need several little red 4S box kits (discontinued)

Hi gang,
I have a Christmas project I'm working on that I really would like to package in the now discontinued little red box kits. I'm looking for at least 2, but preferably 3 of them.

Anyone having 1 or more unassembled ones they aren't going to use, please contact me off the reflector w0eb (at) cox dot net please with availability and asking price.


Jim Sheldon, W0EB

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